• British county maps, 1900 – James Madison Carpenter Collection Project

    Historic county maps: English folk plays

  • The J.B. Physical Map of the World

    The J.B. Physical Map of the World

  • The Secret Atlas of North Coast Food

    Three maps for the Atlas of North Coast Food

  • Nice Ride Minnesota – Hedberg Maps, Inc.

    Nice Ride Minnesota system map

  • Harvard Square Walking Tours – Hedberg Maps, Inc.

    Harvard Square Walking Tours brochure

  • Camp Wilderness – Hedberg Maps, Inc.

    Boy Scout camp campus map

Nat Case began making maps professionally in 1989, and was head of production at Hedberg Maps, Inc. and its predecessor company from 1991 to 2013. His work includes:

§ Maps in a huge variety of cartographic styles

§ Publication conception, layout, and prepress and print management, including both folded pieces and books.

§ Visual editing including image research, acquisition, and touchup, and art direction

§ Content research and development for interpretation and for geodatabases

§ Marketing material, identity and ad design

§ Illustration