Ingrid’s book-length work includes development editing, ghostwriting, copywriting, and authorship under her own name.

Barton M. Biggs’ fictionalized memoir A Hedge Fund Tale of Reach and Grasp interweaves his experiences in the often seamy life of hedge fund traders in the 2000s, with his number-supported observations on how the overreaching and greed of that world led in part to the crash of 2008. Ingrid’s job was to integrate these two elements in Biggs’ story and make them work together seamlessly. The book was published by John Wiley and Sons.

Ingrid’s first published book, Your Own Two Feet, is for college grads who have relied on parents and college offices to guide them, giving them advice how to manage on their own. It includes chapters on renting, buying a car, basic food sense, paying taxes, and all the other adult things that grown-ups take for granted. The book was published by St. Martin’s Press in spring 2000.

Tips of the Trade In is an insider’s guide to getting the most value for your trade-in or resale vehicle. Ingrid is the only author we know who walked into a car dealership looking for a used car and walked out with a book deal… she took Michael Bugs and Curt Folstad’s notes and turned it into a useful guide for everyday consumers to protect their investment. This e-book is self-published.

Complicit is the story of the roots and development of the 2008 financial crisis, who was responsible, and how it spiraled out of control, told by Bloomberg’s London chief, Mark Gilbert. Ingrid tightened a strong draft by Gilbert to add coherence to an inherently chaotic story. Mark called working with Ingrid a “marvelously life-affirming experience.”

100 Days to Leadership Impact gives newly-installed business leaders a game plan to make their presence felt within their new organization, and to make that impact effective and productive. The book was published by Three Nickels Press.

Richard Sipley’s Market Indicators: The Best-Kept Secret to More Effective Trading and Investing shows users how to use market indicators to get a better grasp on future performance potential. Ingrid helped reorganize and bring greater clarity to Richard’s already well-thought-out manuscript. The book was published by Bloomberg Press.

The third edition of Richard Yamarone’s The Trader’s Guide to Key Economic Indicators needed some help in organization, and Ingrid provided that. It was published by the John Wiley and Sons in the Bloomberg Financial Series

Scott Fullman’s Increasing Alpha With Options is a technical book for traders who want to increase alpha (above-benchmark performance), and offers an approach using options trading to do just that. Ingrid reorganized the book and pulled it into a solid, user-friendly text. The book was published by Bloomberg Press, an imprint of John Wiley and Sons.