Princeton, NJ Bicycle Map

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Princeton, New Jersey has dense traffic and a lot of bicyclists. There are a lot more trails and other bike amenities than there were when I was a kid, growing up nearby, but up until now it hasn’t been mapped out in detail in one place.

Funded by the Princeton Transit Trust Fund, and organized by the volunteer Princeton Pedestrian and Bicyclist Advisory Committee, I collected existing data from a variety of sources, and ground-truthed much of the area of map myself. Suggested tour routes and low-traffic streets were compiled for the project by committee members.

The design followed from designs for bike maps I’ve made for Minnesota clients, but this isn’t Minnesota, and we had to do some considerable re-thinking to make the basic design principle match the needs of the project.

The map was printed to fold to about 3 x 6 inches, and is also available to view online.

Click on any thombnail for a larger view.

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